The publication of the Junior Bar Law Journal is an integral part of the Junior National Law Conference and the Journal of 2019 will be volume X of such publication. Over the years it had been an acclaimed success and the editorial committee 2019 vouch to manifest and continue the high standards.

The journal revolves around the junior members of the legal profession, which includes but not limited to legal practitioners who are in the making, academics and those in the corporate/private sector. In terms of content, the journal will comprise of articles from both senior and junior attorneys-at-law and will continue to feature the important segments on landmark judgments and recent developments.

The journal editorial committee will request the senior lawyers to share their knowledge and expertise on the diverse areas of law in which they specialize, specifically in relation to key areas identified by research. The journal editorial committee will contribute the important points and concerns emanating from research to the senior authors and specifically request that those areas be addressed in their articles ensuring that the articles will be of greater value and timely.

The journal will also encourage and provide a platform and an opportunity for the junior lawyers to publish articles enabling them to polish their analytical and writing skills helping them to be skilled professionals. in order to maintain the high standards and integrity of the journal, the journal committee will maintain its editorial discretion in choosing articles and, if necessary, edit the contributions.

In the landmark judgments segment, the journal will identify with care and thought, a number of key judgments of diverse areas which have shaped the development of judicial precedent. These judgments will be condensed for the journal and their salient points distilled, in an attempt to provide the reader a quick overall view of developments in the law.

In the recent developments segment, the journal will strive to keep abreast with the developments of law and keep the reader educated of important developments of primary and secondary legislation and government policy.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth thousand words and the journal hopes to be aesthetically pleasing whilst leaving behind food for thought.

In conclusion, Junior Bar Law Journal 2019 aspires to be recognized and looked into as a relevant, timely and a practical aide and as an important source of legal reference by all its readers!