With the onset of the pandemic and the plethora of changes that were made to accommodate the administration of justice, it is apparent that the legal system and the practice of law in Sri Lanka is ebbing towards a complete transformation. Not only can this transformation be seen in the technology used in court proceedings with the introduction of digital hearings and e-filing of cases but also with the discussions on the adoption of new laws and procedures to suit the current times.

Keeping in line with the theme of JNLC’19 “Towards a Digital Era in the Legal Profession”, this year’s theme will seek to encompass transformation of the legal profession as a whole and to prepare and encourage young lawyers to adapt to the changes and be ready for a new tomorrow. With that in mind, the theme for the Junior National Law Conference 2021 has been very aptly titled “Embracing Transformation”.

In view of this objective, the conference aims to focus on topics of contemporary significance addressing an array of subjects ranging from the digitalisation of courts to the latest developments in substantive and procedural laws, touching upon matters such as digitalisation, investment, exchange control, privacy.

The conference aims to encourage young lawyers to embrace transformation not only in matters concerning the law and the legal practice but also their personal growth, in order to develop into better versions of themselves thereby inadvertently creating the way for a brighter future in the legal profession overall.